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TCIC Global Certification Ltd. [ TCIC ]

Founded in 2003 with the headquarter in Surrey, Canada, TCIC establishes offices and operates its services worldwide.  

TCIC is an accredited certification body and a partner of Quality Austria and CIS for the Pacific region. We have been insisted on the most exacting accredited service procedures, providing not only the certification audit of the management system, independent audit/assessment services, the personnel certification/ registration and the Accredited Training Providers but also the value-added service for the clients.

With impartiality and competence principles to TCIC’s independent audit/assessment services , TCIC audits/assesses the compliance of client’s identified scope according to specific criteria/standard/regulation. TCIC's Impartiality principles are stated in the Impartiality Statement and apply to all TCIC offices.

During the delivery of our services, we provide the opportunities to discover the potentiality of your company, rather than purely pointing out the deficiency and nonconformities.

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